Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Managers who can oversee the entire process of an organization are essential in today’s business world. A responsible manager who responds to business developments on a strategic, tactical and operational level is invaluable. Every organisation seeks to optimise its business operations in order to ultimately function as effectively and efficiently as possible.
With the MBA training of TTE, you can make yourself a better manager and leader. You will soon be able to provide solution-oriented advice on crucial business decisions and you will be able to convert policy choices made into effective organisational structures and ultimately into efficient and effective human behaviour.

In short: after following this course you will have broad knowledge of and insights into the various aspects of modern business management, which means that you can be of great added value for organisations of different nature and size!

Key Facts MBA

We offer this Master’s programme in collaboration with IPE Management School Paris. The complete MBA General Management programme is recognised by the French government committee CNCP at Master level. After positive completion of the complete programme (90 EC) you will receive the IPE-Master diploma. The IPE Master’s degree is placed at level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
In addition, both national and international recognition has been issued by the NARIC from the United Kingdom. For European students, the standard is set within the Harmonization Act for Higher Education of the European Union.

The complete Master’s programme consists of nine theoretical modules + a graduation phase. The theoretical MBA modules can also be taken separately as a programme. This makes the MBA modules extremely suitable if you want to acquire more knowledge in a specialist field, or if you are currently unable to follow the entire MBA programme. You can choose from the following specialisms: – Human Resource Management – Business Economics – Marketing Management – Research Methods – Operations Management – Strategic Management – Business Ethics – Accounting and Finance – Business Statistics
After successful completion of one of these nine MBA modules, you can always decide to enrol in the entire master’s programme. An MBA module takes three months and has no prior education requirement.

A relevant workplace where you can solve business problems is required for admission to the complete Master of Business Administration (MBA). For the MBA modules and the PréMaster MBA, there is no prior education requirement. If you have followed an MBA module or a Pré-Master MBA and successfully completed it, you have sufficient professional knowledge to complete the complete Master of Business Administration (MBA) faster.

A strategic manager is responsible and result-oriented. He is able to support and advise the management in the areas of sustainable management, logistics, marketing, business ethics and finance. After completing this Master’s programme, you will be able to work for organisations in both the private and public sector. Possible professions:

Marketing Manager, Business Economist, Operations Manager, Manager Purchasing & Logistics, Projectmanager, Business Controller, Financial Controller, Interim Manager.

The new guidelines within education stimulate an optimal connection between the training courses and the professional practice. The teaching material is in line with work practice and goes straight to the goal. This implies, for example, that no unnecessary teaching material is dealt with. Where necessary, the teaching material is supported by additional literature and test cases that perfectly reflect how the knowledge gained is applied in current professional practice. This makes your training at the TTE lively and pleasant.

The total cost of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course is 8.280 €. You can pay the amount once and get a 5% discount or pay a monthly amount of 345 € over 24 months.The cost per module is 985 € or 345 € per month for a total duration of three months.

Accreditation and Approval

Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA) is an Institution of Higher Education of Réseau Grandes Écoles Spécialisées (Réseau GES) and is fully approved and authorised by the French State to award qualifications at Level 1 Masters) and Level 2 (Undergraduate)
IPE Management School Paris (IPE) is the International School of Paris Pôle Alternance (PPA) which is responsible for the delivery of our Masters and Undergraduate degrees in overseas locations within the authority as granted for PPA.

Our International programmes with our International partners are academically and quality managed directly by us to ensure that academic standards and learning objectives as delivered in International locations are similar and in compliance with our academic quality control exercised in Paris.  

Become a top qualified manager and acquire an international recognized MBA-diploma.

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